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Patrushka’s art portfolio of original art for sale. Themes included: Portraiture • Realist/Surreal • Day Of The Dead • Abstracts Landscapes and Cityscapes

For Nicole

The Hunters and the Hunted - a body of art addressing abuse

Pieces depicting the emotional trauma of abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. The victims are - The Hunted (painted on wooden panels in color) and the perpetrators are The Hunters -(rendered from mugshots on scratchboard, in black and white.)

For Nicole

For Nicole, Just Deserts - Patrushka 12.jpg
For Nicole, Just Deserts - Patrushka 12.jpg

For Nicole


Title: “For Nicole, Just Deserts”

Size: 8″ x 10″

Medium: Clayboard, scratchboard

O.J. Simpson murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and this is a vengeful fantasy completed in memory of her. O.J. was never convicted or punished for the crime – due to massive corruption and ineptitude on the part of the LA prosecutors and police. Not to mention the high-profile lawyers that O.J. could afford to hire and the fact that the whole trial was twisted into a “race” issue.

In my artwork, Nicole gets a little bit of justice and uses O.J. as the dartboard, turning the tables on her reality as a battered (and finally murdered) wife. Hence, O.J. finally gets his just deserts… Based on the mug shot taken by the Los Angeles police, 1994.

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