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Patrushka’s art portfolio of original art for sale. Themes included: Portraiture • Realist/Surreal • Day Of The Dead • Abstracts Landscapes and Cityscapes

Camille Caged

Portraits painted by the artist patrushka

These images are all original, one-of-a-kind paintings, not prints. Patrushka is available for personal portraits, commissioned works and exhibitions.

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Camille Caged

Camille Caged framed- Patrushka14.jpg
Camille Caged framed- Patrushka14.jpg

Camille Caged


Title: Camille Caged

Medium: Mixed media on wood

Size: 23” x 17”, in vintage frame

She is a portrait of Camille Claudel , a French sculptor, graphic artist and model/mistress of Auguste Rodin. She was wrongly committed to an insane asylum for 30 years and died there.

This piece was used on the exhibition card for my Muses & Madness solo show, at SR2 Gallery.

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